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AC Duct cleaning service

AC duct cleaning - Cleaning the duct of air conditioners is very important because the cooling system last long and functions efficiently when the ducts are clean. Air duct cleaning is the act of removing all the dust and pollutants from the ductwork. Cleaning the air duct periodically has numerous benefits. It will maintain a good air quality. If the ducts are left unmaintained, the air circulating around gets polluted and it might cause allergies or other respiratory issues. Cleaning air duct also increases the energy efficiency of the air conditioner. When the ducts are clogged, air conditioners consume more amount of energy to work properly. Also cleaning the duct may protect your equipment. Clogged air duct may reduce the efficiency of the coils, blower wheels and other issues that demands costly repairs.
As it is, duct cleaning is not an easy task. It requires the right blend of technologies and efficient technicians. Freeline cleaning service is equipped with the advance tools to deliver best and well tailored service. Our well establishes technology includes a robotic inspection system which inspects the duct before and after cleaning. We also provide mechanical ac cleaning as well as anti microbial ac treatment. Wisely Choose us m and manage your air conditioning system in a cost effective manner.

Service We offered

  • Inspection – a robotic inspection system is deployed to visually inspect the air ac duct before and after the cleaning. Clean the vent and grill covers to ensure that there is no residual dirt and dust.
  • Mechanical AC Cleaning – this method is employed to remove particulates, debris and surface contaminants in the duct.
  • Anti-Microbial AC Treatment – the entire duct is treated with the best non-leaching anti-microbial product for complete disinfection and sanitization
  • Clean the condensate pan to remove any dirt and grime in the AC.
  • Clean the air ducts and replace / repair the air filters to ensure a free flow of quality air in the Air Condition.
  • Clean the Ac cooling and heating coils.
  • Clean the blower assemblies thoroughly.
  • Take care of the AC interior of the air handler cabinet.


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