Commercial kitchen grease trap is installed under sink by Freeline.

Grease trap supply and installation

Freeline provides branded Grease Traps approved by respective Municipalities and offers an extended warranty of up to 1 year. Grease Traps are indeed crucial devices designed to prevent grease and fat from clogging the kitchen sink or disposal system. installation is often mandated by municipalities based on the facility’s usage and preparation type.

The fact that the Freeline team of professionals specializes in installing both Stainless Steel and PVC restaurant Grease Traps gives customers flexibility in choosing the type of trap that best suits their needs and preferences. Stainless Steel Grease Traps are known for their durability and long-lasting performance, while PVC Grease Traps are lightweight and easy to install.

With a reliable and approved Grease Trap from Freeline, businesses can ensure compliance with local regulations, avoid potential drainage issues, and maintain a hygienic and efficient kitchen environment. It’s essential to consider professional installation and proper maintenance to maximize the effectiveness and lifespan of the Grease Trap