Grease Dosing Systems and Biochemical: A Solution for FOG Management in Dubai

In the bustling kitchens of Dubai’s food establishments, the battle against fats, oils, and grease (FOG) is real. Enter Grease Dosing Systems and Biochemical – the dynamic duo in Freeline’s arsenal. As a prominent grease trap supplier in Dubai, Freeline introduces a cutting-edge solution to tackle FOG buildup and keep kitchen drain lines flowing smoothly.


The Power of Grease Dosing Systems:

Grease dosing systems are at the forefront of the fight against FOG-related plumbing issues. These systems leverage premium multi-strain biological fluids to break down and digest grease, preventing its accumulation and subsequent blockages in wastewater pipes.

The automated process involves introducing a precisely measured dose of the biological fluid into the wastewater pipe, strategically placed near pot wash sinks and dishwashers. This targeted application ensures maximum effectiveness by treating grease close to its sources of discharge.


Components and Functionality:

While available in various forms, grease dosing systems typically consist of a dosing pump and a container of the biological grease digestion fluid. The wall-mounted dosing pump is conveniently placed near the wastewater discharge point for easy access and maintenance.


Benefits of Grease Dosing Systems:

1. Prevention of Clogs and Blockages:

   Continuous treatment of wastewater with biological fluid maintains clean and clear drain lines, significantly reducing the risk of clogs and blockages. This proactive approach helps prevent costly plumbing issues.

2. Environmental Protection:

   Grease dosing systems contribute to environmental protection by promoting the natural breakdown of grease through eco-friendly means. This aligns with Freeline’s commitment to sustainable practices.

3. Efficient and Cost-Effective:

   Properly installed and maintained, these systems prove to be valuable additions to commercial kitchens, restaurants, and food establishments. They ensure smooth wastewater flow and minimize the need for manual interventions to address grease-related problems.


In the challenging culinary landscape of Dubai, where efficient kitchen operations are crucial, grease dosing systems and biochemical from Freeline emerge as champions. As a leading grease trap supplier, Freeline offers a sophisticated solution to keep kitchen drain lines free-flowing and FOG-related issues at bay. Upgrade your kitchen’s efficiency with the power of technology and eco-friendly practices.