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Restaurant / Commercial Kitchen Duct Cleaning in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Kitchen Duct / Exhaust Cleaning

Cooking in commercial kitchens generates airborne grease, carbon and steam, which can condense on the inner walls of kitchen ventilation duct work. If regular cleaning of the ventilation system is not performed these deposits build up, reducing airflow, creating foul odours and creating a significant fire hazard

Putting in place regular kitchen duct and ventilation cleaning will help to satisfy this law and remove the most common cause of fires within the kitchen. In addition, Freeline Specialist Hygiene will complete a free of charge risk assessment on any ventilation system covered by our duct cleaning contract.

Freeline Specialist Hygiene’s cleaning process enables us to meticulously and efficiently clean all of your ventilation system, ensuring a clean and safe environment is maintained. The process removes grease and carbon deposits from your duct work, without compromising your hardware or the food in your kitchen.

We carry out our service at times convenient to you helping to achieve minimal disruption to your business. Where access is limited we are able to install access panels to ensure that thorough ventilation cleaning is completed.

We will provide your business with a full service report and a fire safety certificate that provides evidence that the appropriate steps have been taken to minimise the fire risks associated with extract ventilation systems.

Learn about the many benefits of kitchen exhaust duct cleaning.

  • We Keep Your Business Open
  • We Help Reduce the Risk of Fire
  • We Help Promote Cleaner Indoor Air
  • We Clean When It’s Convenient For You
  • We Offer Grease Filter Exchange Service

These Services are considered too large for daily cleaning schedules and complete your cleaning standards.

The need for steam cleaning is becoming more and more prominent as customers demand a higher level of disinfection and 100% sterilization

These services are designed to;

  • Be an addition to daily cleaning schedules.
  • Meet government compliance and recommended cleaning standards.
  • Create a better, safer working environment for employees.

Why Kitchen hood cleaning services are important

Kitchen hood cleaning is essential in today's era. If you run hotels and restaurants or commercial establishments in the food service industries, you require Kitchen Hood Cleaning services. If you are looking for restaurant kitchen hood cleaning services in Dubai, then you may contact us. We make sure you remain protected from health hazards. Proper maintenance and cleaning also offer a complete improvement in air quality.

There are many benefits of hood cleaning.

  • It may help to improve ventilation.
  • It helps to trap smoke, so it helps in fire prevention.
  • With these services, it is easy to avoid pests and bacterias.
  • It helps to protect from diseases.

Why choose and hire professionals for kitchen hood cleaning

Professionals have excellent knowledge to perform their tasks very well. So our Restaurant and kitchen hood cleaning service may ensure you that your kitchen and restaurant run in a safe or clean manner. A well-maintained restaurant and kitchen are healthy and safe. We even clean out all inflammable grease from your whole system, and it helps to lessen the fire chances and damage to your equipment. Also, our services would add long years to the life of your equipment and kitchen. We provide hood cleanings services, fan and grease duct cleaning, kitchen exhaust system cleaning, commercial kitchen cleaning, restaurant cleaning, and many other services.

In addition, with the help of Restaurant kitchen cleaning services, you may get peace of mind and guaranteed satisfaction. Our team uses the latest and advanced process to give you high quality. So these services are essential and safe for your kitchen and restaurants. Hence without wasting any time, get kitchen cleaning and hood services for your protection and get new looks of your kitchen. You may get fast and high-quality, or affordable services.

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