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Grease Trap Supply and Installation

A Grease Trap is an essential device designed to prevent grease and fat blockages in your kitchen sink or disposal system. Municipalities require the installation of a Grease Trap based on usage and preparation type at the facility. Freeline provides branded Grease Traps approved by Municipalities and an extended warranty of up to 1 year. Our team of professionals specializes in installing Stainless Steel and PVC Grease Traps.

Grease Dosing System and Chemical

Our team excels in installing biological dosing systems for creating a healthy and hygienic environment. Installing biological-dosing systems protects kitchen drain lines from fats, oils, and grease buildup and controls the odor. These systems automatically add measured amounts of premium multi-strain biological fluid to the wastewater pipe, right at the pot wash sinks and dishwashers. Grease dosing systems come in various shapes and sizes, but they typically include a dosing pump and a cartridge or bottle of biological grease digestion fluid. The pump or pump unit is often mounted on the wall, close to the wastewater source.

Drainage system Installation

A property’s value is not solely based on its aesthetics, but also on its concealed features that provide the necessary functionality for comfortable living. A crucial system that falls under this category is the drainage system of a home. Building an effective drainage system must be prioritized in the building process to ensure the well-being and safety of its inhabitants. The drainage system impacts both the physical health and overall safety of the people who reside in the property and our team excels in providing the best service for you!